Monday, June 18, 2007

On Seekers and New Baha'is: Returning Calls and Making Connections

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My email to our Assembly chairperson following up on my assignment to make some follow-up calls to persons who called our community phone number. -gw

Lori, I called both the Seabeck person, Thomas, and the Navy person, Nick.

Thomas called our number after finding it in the phone book and thinking perhaps that the Baha'i Faith was Buddhist. He is reading a book about Buddhism and is attracted to it. I explained to him the Baha'i Faith and it's relationship to Buddhism. He was very friendly, but it is Buddhism he is pursuing right now.

I then spoke with Nick in San Diego who has declared his Faith in Baha'u'llah after having attended meetings at the San Diego Center for five weeks. He heard about the Faith after visiting the House of Worship when he was stationed at Great Lakes Naval Base in Illiinois. He noted that Kitsap County doesn't have a Baha'i Center and wanted to be connected with Baha'is when he arrives here in Washington on July 20th. He mentioned his concern that he will not have a car for the first month he is in Washington and requested a ride to activities. I told him I would see that word was passed on. Is it possible to contact the Cluster coordinator for Kitsap County and find out if there is a Book 1 starting next month that Nick could attend?


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