Wednesday, June 20, 2007

On Reaching Critical Mass: It's a beautiful day

Our Baha'i community has reached critical mass. And just as promised, we are seeing lift-off.

Tonight is the third session of our Ruhi 1 study circle, continuing with our three dear seekers.

At 6:20 a.m. my son called me. "I'm up. It's a beautiful day." He's right. It's sunshine and blue sky this morning.

"How did your study circle go Monday night?" I asked. He and Megan started a Ruhi 1 on Monday, Megan as tutor, her first since she completed the sequence of Ruhi courses along with my wife and me. We were all a part of the most recent cohort of a couple dozen Baha'is in our cluster to complete the sequence.

"We had two seekers," he said. "One was a person that Megan has been riding the bus to work with. The other we had never met before that night, but had called the Baha'i number previously. We just called her up and invited her to come. Neither had ever been to any Baha'i gathering locally before."

It's a beautiful day indeed. -gw

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