Monday, June 04, 2007

On a Pilgrimage to Wilmette: I saw the sun through the temple doors

Three post in a row about the Baha'i House of Worship? Sure. It's June, isn't it? The month of Love. The gardens are gorgeous in June, as they were in May for Charlene. -gw

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to make a pilgrimage to the Baha'i House of Worship in Wilmette, IL. My dear friend ... and I spent 30 hours of our weekend on this little event...very brief for such a distance to travel, yet entirely worth it. Below is a photo I took and an expression I wrote of the evening of May 19, 2007. We arrived just as the sun was setting.

In a word, it was Love.

Warm wind
smells of lilac and rhododendron
budding roses
soft breeze
magic night
Tablet of Ahmad encircling the Mother Temple
glowing spots of light in the grass surrounding
reflecting pool, mirroring spirits
visitors laughing and pointing
so happy
so many

"The Light of good character surpasseth the light of the Sun"

Strolling slowly, stepping softly,
singing humbly:

"Oh God, my Adored One, my King, my Desire! What tongue can voice my thanks to Thee?"

Turning at the reflecting pool I saw the sun through the temple doors.
Welling up with joy
for the beauty, the magnetism
the light of the visitors.
The wonder and awe.
Ya Baha'u'llah- Abha!
Could not help but fall on my knees
and touch my forehead to the ground

A tour was given.
Tourists gazing upon us with smiles
and wonder
A group of children
hands folded or crossed
standing in front of the reflection pool
Tourists smiling, giggling, admiring.


Flowers and foliage
tired, yet bouncy

Charlene, "This Is Why I'm A Baha'i," And I Hear This Calling

{Re-posted with permission}

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Jess said...

I hope to visit the Wilmette Baha'i Temple in August!