Sunday, June 24, 2007

On Achieving Peace: Looking Beyond Religious Divisions

Tess touches on a theme that can be found in many places in the Baha'i literature, the importance of not only tolerance, but understanding, of different religious traditions. -gw

It can be difficult sometimes to identify what is going on with all the different world religions and their sub-divisions. For example as a ‘cradle Catholic’, I have limited exposure to some other Christian denominations, and none at all to some other faiths such as Baha’i and Shinto.

If we are to hope for any kind of peace in our world, we must try to understand others, what they believe in, how they live and die.

Tess, "Comparative religions and ethical issues," Anchors and masts: Exploring spirituality, friendship and community

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Tess said...

Thanks for the link George, and having found your site and others I'm now enjoying learning about Baha'i.