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On Personal Stories: My husband gave me the greatest gift, introducing me to the Baha'i Faith

Getting to read blogger's personal stories to the extent they wish to share them is one of the bounties of blogging. The blogger of e's knitting and spinning blog is currently working on the Katherine Hepburn cardigan sweater. -gw

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Seven unusual things about me:

1. I grew up in a rough part of Detroit. My parents grew up there and we just didn't move until I started college. I still have nightmares about people breaking into our house. It made me a pretty aware person though.

2. This leads me to my next one which is I attended High School in Canada. I lived in Detroit and attended Catholic Grade school there but it was still pretty rough. We are talking about drugs in a catholic grade school 30 years ago. So my parents gave me a choice -all girls catholic school in the burbs or go to my uncle's Canadian Alma Mater. Not much of a choice eh.

3. Which leads to my third one. I'm only second generation american(my mom and her siblings were sent to boarding school in Canada because my grandparents were originally from europe and that is just what they did. Thankfully by the time I went there it was only a boarding school for boys so I commuted.)

4. Which leads to the next one. My parents both being first generation american, my life style and views were not so far from 'the old country' so when I moved to Indianapolis and started attending college I was kind of a misfit. I was much more comfortable with the foreign students. It was there I met my now American but then Iranian husband:-)

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Which leads me to 5&6. My husband gave me the greatest gift (although I love him dearly it was not his love), he introduced me to the Baha'i faith. I think deciding your faith as an adult is unusual. I was always unsatisfied with my Catholic faith though I loved it and repected it, I felt something was missing. When my husband and I got into religous discussions I was shocked to find his religous beliefs were mine. I couldn't belive there was an actual religion for what I believed. I don't think of it as converting, I think of it as embracing.

Six is that I speak Farsi fluently. Unfortunately I can't write or read yet.

7.We haven't been able to do it lately but I love scuba diving. My husband and I both love the water and animals so scuba diving was not a surprise:-) Unfortunately living in the midwest with small children is not conducive to scuba diving. We are hoping to do the Great Barrier Reef next year. Inshallah!!

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