Thursday, May 03, 2007

On the "Cultivating the Roots" Conference: Let the Sharing Begin

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Questions? Comments? Send them to the Baha'i Computer & Communication Association for consideration at the Cultivating the Roots technology conference this weekend or subsequently. -gw

Dear Friends -

With the inaugural 'Roots' conference only a couple of days away, the BCCA Coordinating Committee is happy to announce that questions and comments on the event itself, as well as suggested items for discussion/consultation can be sent to a new email address set up for this purpose: .

Are you curious to know what is happening in a certain area? Would you like to pose a question regarding the BCCA or use of technology in the Faith? This may be a great opportunity!!

Obviously, not every question can be addressed at the event; regardless, the BCCA Coordinating Committee will do its best to answer the questions sent in, if not at the event, then in the very near future.

That address again:

With warmest greetings,

BCCA Coordinating Committee
Bahai Computer and Communications Association

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