Wednesday, August 30, 2006

On College Life: Having a constant attitude of egotistical nonchalance

Mona does a lot of catching up on her current post. One paragraph especially stands out, her characterization of what college life can be like, now that college students all over the country are returning to school for the fall. How can college life be spiritualized? -gw

Green Acre Baha'i School, BWNS
The sharp contrast I felt between the atmosphere of college and the atmosphere of Green Acre overwhelmed me at first. After adjusting, I realized the underlying cause of such a drastic "climate change." College was just so utterly irreverent. Nothing is sacred - the hearts of your fellow human beings, the bounty of life, the contemplation of spirituality...nothing. You're supposed to make fun of everything, have a constant attitude of egotistical nonchalance. Green Acre is exactly the opposite! The place itself is sacred, and the prevailing attitude is that of reverence and devotion, and above all, love.

mOna, "fetal embellishments yearn fervently for omniscience," Inblot: Interpret as you will

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