Wednesday, May 10, 2006

On Baha'i Painters: Hussein Bikar and the Treatment of Baha'is in Egypt

This painting is posted on Roba Al-Assi's And Far Away. She notes: Hussein Bikar - Egypt. I love the style of this one. It is interesting to note that Bikar spent the last few years of his life under house arrest simply because of his faith- he was Bahaa'i.

Thanks to Zeinobia of Egyptian Chronicles for introducing me to this wonderful Baha'i painter.

Zeinolbia writes: My Grand dad met another Baha'i , the most famous one in Egypt , the legendary Painter Hussein Bikar , the famous Turkish Egyptian painter was arrested in the famous case of 1985 of Baha'ism yet he was released for his old age , My grand dad always said that this man had a different way in praying and other worshiping matters , My grand dad didn't ask him I guess because my grand father traveled over 100 countries and was from the early Journalists to meet with different People from different Islamic sects in Afaghanstan and India so he may think he was a muslim like us , untill the 1985 when the Egyptian Society was shocked was the confessions of the Old Artist who over 5 decades charmed the whole arab world with his great drawings like the Nubia paint on the right . Strange thing when he died from couple of years I don't recall if they mentioned his religion or anything about his burial and so on, for me it was a shock because I used to believe that he was following some kind of Sufism order , yet grand dad corrected to me this information.

For information about the situation of Baha'is in Egypt today, read Your Religion or Your Nation? The Bahais' Difficult Choice in Egypt.


paradox said...

thanks for comments.
i strongly disagree with any arrest or pressure becuz of religion or thought or faith or ideas... however, what i don't personally understand is why most of "prophets" should prophesize by saying their teachings are the fulfillment of the previous religions or -as you refer to Baha'ullah introducing hima & his teachings as the fullfilment of ALL the world's religions.
although i also don't understand the divinity related to religions and religious teachings, i am wondering why a prophet needs to prove him/herself (BTW, have we ever had a woman prophet? this is an old question of mine, posted in my blog several months ago!) by inviting more and more followers? why do they have to connect what they believe to divinity and holiness?!
why do they need so many supports of people?!
why so many clashes and wars for inviting people to a religion?!
why so many different rituals if they (religious teachings) are all the same?!

Julia said...


I've been admiring your blog for weeks now. It is so exciting and uplifting to catch glimpses of the Baha'i world through this medium. Can you track your number of viewers? Perhaps some are like me - checking for updates several times a day. What an addiction!

Jess said...

Great article, George.

I agree with Julia- you should have a hit ticker for your site!

June/Pearlz said...

While you are at it George look into ways to have the most recent comments come up on the side as well as some of the dialogue happening here is great too.

george wesley said...

Julia, Jess, and June,

I'm an old guy in a young blogger's world. Having a site meter added to my blog or changing the format to include sidebar commentary is way beyond my level of competence, thank you very much. Blogger's "profile views" measure and your kind comments are sufficient to keep me at this a while longer.