Monday, May 08, 2006

On Baha'i Blogs: Dan's Baha'i Children's Class Ideas

Ottawa, Canada, is served by some of the best blogs. Want pictures of Baha'i life? You will always be able to find pictures of Ottawa Baha'is. Who is writing the blogs and who is taking the pictures. Well, Dan is, for one. Dan of Doberman Pizza, a Baha'i blog and Jeunesse Baha'ie - blogue baha'i pour jeunes baha'is! and dragfyre's photos on flickr and -- da da! the primary reason for this post -- baha'i children's class ideas... Activities, lesson plans, curriculum ideas, inspirational quotes, and various ideas and notes about Baha'i children's classes.

Crafts at Pure Heart Baha'i School
O how I admire Baha'i childen's class teachers. Take Roya who teaches at Pure Heart Baha'i School here in my cluster. Little Veneda of Cambodian ancestry couldn't come to Baha'i children's classes, so Baha'i children's classes were brought right onto her doorstep and into her home with the enthusiastic support of her grandma and grandpa with whom she lives. Ten children from Cambodian immigrant families were guided in simple activites by dear Roya, who is a professor of engineering during the work week.

Dan teaches children's classes, too. This from a post he wrote about it back in November: have you ever taught children's classes? you should try it. it's a trip. I started getting involved with Baha'i children's classes when I moved back to Ottawa from Drummondville, back in the summer of 2004. I was asked to help put together a set of online resources for teachers of children's classes, which was integrated into the intranet on the Baha'is of Ottawa web site. Afterwards I got to serve as part of a children's class in my neighbourhood. Recently, some of the kids that were part of that class joined up with a newly established local French-language class. It's being taught by a brave band of Baha'i youth - Catherine, Julie, and Fanfan - oh, and me.

A few months back Dan started up a blog devoted to supporting the Baha'i children's class teacher with nitty-gritty ideas all ready to put into use. The latest post is on teaching justice.

learning concepts
God loves justice.Justice means that we must respect the rights of every human being and make sure we do not take away from anyone what they deserve.

story: pp. 43-44, Ruhi Book 3: 'Abdu'l-Bahá in the stagecoach.
games: we often play games as examples of justice... is it just to break the rules? how can we ensure that we can be just while we play games?

Tread ye the path of justice, for this, verily, is the straight path. (Gleanings, p.250)

Click here for the rest of the lesson plan from Dan's baha'i children's class ideas...


rachd said...

There really is nothing quite like working with and teaching young children. Teaching difficult concepts such as justice take a unique approach and the role playing seems a perfect way to go about doing it.

Faith is so pure in small children. They have not yet been exposed to all the prejudices and injustices of the world. Their faith and trust shine out of their eyes and little darling faces!

June/Pearlz said...

It is just so interesting to drop into what feels like a family of humanity sharing and exchanging ideas and supporting each other.

I have found that in sharing spiritual stories with children you learn so much from them as well, "wisdom from the mouths of Babes" and on top of that learning stories from many Faiths just enriches the stories you can share with them as well. I have learnt so much about Krishna and Buddha in the last few weeks.

dan said...

One of the side effects of blogging about baha'i children's classes is managing to stay sane! It's a great way to bounce things off people and get new ideas, especially when I am feeling stuck. It also leaves a tangible record of the lessons we teach.

One of the counsellors recently met with children's class teachers in Ottawa; a short wrap-up is now posted on the blog FYI.